Rough stills from production of Mikha’El – 4

From Monte Sant’Angelo, Paris, and Jerusalem



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[Credits: Marcelle Abela (Cinematographer/1st Camera Unit – Italy), Vic Stefanu (2nd Camera Unit – Jerusalem), James Delia (3rd Camera Unit – France).

For those who may want it

The original Act of Consecration to Mikha’El as said at the Basilica-Santuario di San Michele Arcangelo in Gargano

Basilica-Santuario di San Michele Arcangelo


Atto di Affidamento a San Michele Arcangelo (Italian)

Principe nobilissimo delle angeliche Gerarchie,
valoroso guerriero dell’Altissimo,
amatore zelante della gloria del Signore,
terrore degli angeli ribelli,
amore e delizia di tutti gli Angeli giusti,

Arcangelo San Michele,
desiderando io di essere nel numero dei tuoi devoti,
a te oggi mi offro e mi dono.
Pongo me stesso, il mio lavoro,
la mia famiglia, gli amici e quanto mi appartiene
sotto la tua vigile protezione.

E’ piccola la mia offerta
essendo io un misero peccatore,
ma tu gradisci l’affetto del mio cuore.
Ricordati che se da quest’oggi
sono sotto il tuo patrocinio
tu devi assistermi in tutta la mia vita.

Procurami il perdono dei miei molti e gravi peccati,
la grazia di amare di cuore il mio Dio,
il mio caro salvatore Gesù,
la mia dolce Madre Maria,
e tutti gli uomini miei fratelli
amati dal Padre e redenti dal Figlio.

Impetrami quegli aiuti che sono necessari
per arrivare alla corona della gloria.
Difendimi sempre dai nemici dell’anima mia
specialmente nell’ultimo istante delle mia vita.
Vieni in quell’ora, o glorioso Arcangelo,
assistimi nella lotta e respingi lontano da me,
negli abissi d’inferno,
quell’angelo prevaricatore e superbo
che prostrasti nel combattimento in Cielo.

Presentami, allora, al trono di Dio
per cantare con te, Arcangelo San Michele, e con tutti gli Angeli
lode, onore e gloria
a Colui che regna nei secoli eterni.



Act of Consecration to Saint Michael the Archangel (English)

O most noble Prince of the Angelic Hierarchies, valorous warrior of the Most High and zealous lover of His glory, terror of the rebellious angels, love and delight of all the just Angels. Archangel Saint Michael, desiring to be counted among the number of your devoted servants, I today offer and consecrate myself to you. I place myself, my work, my family, my friends, and everything I possess under your vigilant protection.

My offering is small, being just a miserable sinner, but you desire my heartfelt affection. Remember that if from this day onward I am under your patronage, you must assist me throughout all my life. Obtain for me the pardon of my many grievous sins, the grace of loving my God with all my heart, my dear Savior, Jesus, my sweet mother, Mary, and all mankind, who are my brothers loved by the Father and redeemed by the Son.

Procure for me all the helps necessary to arrive at the crown of glory. Defend me always from the enemies of my soul especially at the last moment of my life. Come at that hour, O glorious Archangel, help me in the battle and push far away from me, into the abysses of Hell, that prevaricator and proud angel that you prostrated in the Celestial battle.

Present me then in front of the Throne of God so that I can sing with you, Archangel Saint Michael, and with all the Angels, praise, honor, and glory to Him Who reigns in eternity.



Att ta’ Konsagrazzjoni lil San Mikiel Arkanġlu (Maltese)

O Prinċep mill-iktar nobbli tal-ġerarkiji Anġeliċi, gwerrier qalbieni tas-Setgħani, maħbub kollok ħeġġa għall-glorja Tiegħu, terrur tal-anġli ribelli, mħabba u gost tal-Anġli ġusti kollha. Arkanġlu San Mikiel, peress li nixtieq niġi magħdud fost il-qaddejja devoti tiegħek, illum jien noffri u nikkonsagra lili nnifsi lilek. Inqiegħed lili nnifsi, xogħoli, l-familja tiegħi, ħbiebi, u dak kollu li għandi, taħt il-protezzjoni mill-iktar setgħana tiegħek.

L-offerta tiegħi hija żgħira għax jien midneb miżerabbli, imma inti trid imħabbti mill-qalb. Ftakar li jekk m’illum jien ninsab taħt il-patroċinju tiegħek, inti trid tgħinni f’kull okkażjoni ta’ ħajti.

Aqlagħli l-maħfra għall-ħafna dnubiet gravi tiegħi, l-grazzja li nħobb b’qalbi kollha l-Alla tiegħi, lill-għażiż Salvatur tiegħi Ġesù, lill-ħelwa Ommi Marija, u n-nies ħuti kollha li huma maħbubin mill-Missier u mifdija mill-Iben.

Ikseb għalija dik l-għajnuna kollha meħtieġa sabiex nasal għall-kuruna tal-glorja. Iddefendini dejjem mill-għedewwa ta’ ruħi speċjalment fl-aħħar waqt ta’ ħajti. Ejja mela f’dik is-siegħa, O Arkanġlu glorjuż, għinni fit-taqbida tiegħi u mbotta ’l bogħod minni, fl-abbissi tal-Infern, dak l-anġlu malefattur u kburi li inti pprostrajt waqt il-gwerra li seħħet fis-Sema.

Ippreżentani, għalhekk, quddiem it-Tron t’Alla biex miegħek, Arkanġlu San Mikiel, u mal-Anġli kollha, nkanta tifħir, ġieħ, u glorja lil Dak li jsaltan għal dejjem ta’ dejjem.


[Credits: Basilica-Santuario di San Michele Arcangelo / Confraternita’ di San Michele Arcangelo].

Rough still from production of ‘Mikha’El’ – 3

From Castel Sant’Angelo, Rome, Italy

Michele Castel Sant'Angelo

The Archangel on top of his shrine, which is in turn at the summit of the mausoleum of Hadrian at Castel Sant’Angelo, Rome, Italy. According to tradition, Mikha’El appeared here sheathing his sword in 590, in response to the prayers of Pope-Saint Gregory the Great, after a deadly plague had broken out in Rome and its surroundings. The Archangel’s visitation marked the end of death among the people by the plague.

Rough stills from production of ‘Mikha’El’ – 2

From the Basilica-Santuario di San Michele Arcangelo, Monte Sant’Angelo, Foggia, Italy

I am the Archangel Michael and I am always in the presence of God. This cave is sacred for me, I have chosen it. I myself am its watchful custodian. There, where the rock opens wide, the sins of men can be forgiven. What is asked here in prayer will be granted – Mikha’El, AD 490.

Some raw stills from the Basilica-Santuario di San Michele Arcangelo at Monte Sant’Angelo (Monte Gargano), Foggia, Italy. The Sanctuary is built above the deep under-sea-level cavern that was consecrated by the Archangel Michael himself in AD 493 during his third appearance there, making this cavern the only church in the world not consecrated by human hands. The footprint of the Archangel is imprinted in the rock at the top of the stairs. The above-ground church, known as the Celestial Basilica, was built from the rocks of the cavern. The statue of Mikha’El is located right above the place where the consecration took place and the Archangel left his footprint. The cavern is a UN World Heritage site and has been visited throughout the century by various Popes and personages, including Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, and Saint Pio of Pietrelcina.

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[Credits: Mariella Delia, producer / Padre Micheliti a Monte Sant’Angelo].

Behind-the-scenes – 2

Some BTS from Saint Michael’s Shrine, Tarpon Springs, Florida

These are some shots taken from the Shrine of Saint Michael on Hope Street in Tarpon Springs, Florida, USA. A terrible fire devastated the shrine in 2014, a ‘sister church’ to that of the Archangel in Panormitis, Symi Island, Greece. Almost everything was lost. One of the few items that survived, however, was precisely a small silver reproduction of the wonder-working icon of Taxiarchis Mikhail Panormitis (upper right in the photo). This reproduction was reported to smell of myrrh when it was found, intact, rather than charred smoke despite everything around it having been burnt to cinders, including other precious icons.

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[Credit: Archon Elias Damianakis].

Behind-the-scenes – 1

BTS shots taken while filming in the tiny hamlet of Panormitis

Some rough BTS stills showing the:

  • colorful houses that can be found on Symi Island, Greece (total inhabitants c. 2500);
  • hidden, enclosed hamlet and Holy Monastery of Panormitis at the southernmost part of Symi. Panormitis has one street, one church, one restaurant, one cafe, and one grocery store; all of which close down in winter except for the church. But the peace and joy that exist in Panormitis make this place a veritable haven. The Monastery has guest rooms for those who arrive;
  • wonder-working silver icon of Taxiarchis Michail in the Katholikon of the Monastery;
  • bottles / boats with messages sent to the Archangel from all over the world, which arrive in the sea of their own volition, no matter their origin;
  • pilgrims visiting to thank the Archangel and gift him a broom, or coming to beg for his assistance.

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[Credits: Mariella Delia, producer / Monks of the Holy Monastery of Panormitis].


Production on the documentary film ‘Mikha’El’ has commenced. BTS posts will appear here as we shoot the film, then enter into post-production

Old motion picture film reel with film strip. Vintage background

Already, the excitement among my crew is becoming contagious and we have just started. Today was an intense day of getting all the equipment ready:

“Where is that machine oil for the Roxant? Those weights, are they balanced yet?” (“Errm, we’re doing them right now”).

“I need an adapter!” (“Here’s your darned adapter!”).

“Are we going to have dailies?” (Yes).

“Hey, is that Sennheiser working?” (Minus the colorful adjectives).

The day has still not ended – and it is the next day.

We start rolling next week.  Continue reading “Rolling”

Mikha’El – Documentary film

The first historically accurate docudrama in English, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, and Latin about the Archangel Mikha’El in cinema history. Shot on location in France, Greece, Italy, Jerusalem, Malta, Ukraine, USA.


Full details about cast, crew and filming locations will be released after production has been wrapped up. Production information can be found at IMDb.



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