Production on the documentary film ‘Mikha’El’ has commenced. BTS posts will appear here as we shoot the film, then enter into post-production


Old motion picture film reel with film strip. Vintage background

Already, the excitement among my crew is becoming contagious and we have just started. Today was an intense day of getting all the equipment ready:

“Where is that machine oil for the Roxant? Those weights, are they balanced yet?” (“Errm, we’re doing them right now”).

“I need an adapter!” (“Here’s your darned adapter!”).

“Are we going to have dailies?” (Yes).

“Hey, is that Sennheiser working?” (Minus the colorful adjectives).

The day has still not ended – and it is the next day.

We start rolling next week. 

The producer, Mariella Delia, is doubling up as assistant director and script supervisor, while the supervising editor, Antonia Harris of Z-Group Studio in Montana, USA, is also taking care of the motion graphics and project art. Mariella and Antonia have worked superbly on every one of my films from the get-go, including the award-winning shorts Divine Beauty and Earth’s Beauty. The music composer, Mirko Sukovic of Belgrade, Serbia, is also the sound designer of the film, while the orchestra conductor, Brian Schembri (formerly of the Paris Symphony), is also going to be a supporting actor (more later about character roles). Mirko has composed the original music score for my film Red Glory, which is right now being submitted to festivals. Already you can see its trailer up on the dedicated participants’ page at the 2018 Independent Shorts Awards.

Don’t worry. There will be full EPK’s ready for you once we commence post.

In addition to directing, I am the writer of Mikha’El, the editor, and cinematographer (1st unit). Assisting are two cameramen, Vic Stefanu (2nd unit – Symi Island, Greece / City of Jerusalem, Israel) and James Delia (3rd unit – Paris, France). We have already been working through the selects from the footage that has come in from Vic and James. Some beautiful stuff there.

The script for Act 1 is locked, while Act 2 is on the way to completion. Act 3, well, that still needs to be written . . . and re-written . . . and re-written . . .

The research process has been intense to ensure historical accuracy, while maintaining the dramatization of the re-enactments. Not to mention reading tomes in Greek and Hebrew, then translating everything into effective visual writing, while retaining the flavor of the original languages. A painful, but necessary, process that has been months in the making.

The music for the teaser trailer (not the official trailer) is ready, as are the choral parts for it done by the orchestrator, Ray Magri, who is also going to be the choir director. The narration recording for the trailer will soon be underway by the primary actor, Tim Capps of Illinois, USA, the veteran broadcaster who gave spectacular performances in Divine Beauty, Pillars of Creation, and Kesil.

More cast and crew members, especially the primary actress, are set to join us over the coming weeks. There are going to be quite a few surprises.

In the meantime, I will leave you with one word:


Marcelle Abela – Director.